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Awards & Free Travel Offers

  • How Do I get the Free Travel Gifts?

      Every 30-90 days we will present you with          A New 10 Speed Challenge.

  • And guess what ? Every challenge you complete gives you another chance to win an award (or) a complimentary travel gift.

  • What will the challenges consist of?

       We can't give you a heads up on the                   10 Speed challenges, because that just             wouldn't be fair to the participants.                     Challenges are fun & exciting (or)                       support a cause (example- feed the                   children).

  • What kind of free travel gifts will you get? Along with a description of the challenge, their will also be a detailed description of the awards (or) travel gifts included.

  • Awards & Travel gifts Include

      Cash Awards, Complimentary Product &            Service Awards provided by sponsored              companies. If you win a physical product,          the participant will be responsible for the            S&H to have the item shipped to them.  

      Complimentary Travel Awards Include

      Airfares, Hotels, Cruises, & Resorts.The              winner of travel awards will be given (8)              months to use your travel gift. If you win a          travel gift, you will only be responsible to            pay your travel booking fees & taxes at the        time of travel.

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