This Months Expedition

Donation Expedition

Every year we dedicate all of our efforts in helping to support people in need. Everyone deserves a magical holiday season. The feeling of love that comes with knowing there are people that care can be life changing. We ask that you support this cause along side us, because you never know how you can effect someone life positively and never have a clue that you did.

This Cause Supports The Forgotten Teens 

Between The Ages of 13 - 19 years


Our future is dependent on how we develop and guide our teens. Many teens expressed to our supporting non profit organization that they feel unheard & forgotten about. With so many organizations supporting children & the elderly, we totally understand how they can feel forgotten about. Imagine how hard it can be for them wake up daily with these feelings, yet still be obligated to attend school, get good grades, deal with bullies, social acceptance. In the conditions of today's economy, may teens are even employed to help support their struggling families. Today we ask that you join forces with us to give these teens some hope. Your support will allow us to provide gifts to the forgotten ones.

This Expedition will end on: Dec 14th, 2019

We want to ensure that the teen applicants will receive a gift by Christmas, we ask that you participate in this expedition prior to the cut off date of December 14th,2019

First Place Will Winner Will Receive:

$250 Credit to use towards any future travel.

Second Place Winner Will Receive:

$100 Credit to use towards any future travel.

Third Place Winner Will Receive: 

Top ten people in third place will receive a $25 

Credit to use towards any future travel.

How to Enter ?

Simply fill our entry form to participate in this expedition.

What Happens Next ?

First, we will create a tracking number for you. We will then email you flyers with your tracking number provided, that you can either email, text or hand out to people requesting that help support the cause. Every donation received will help you become a potential winner of the prizes listed above.

How can I get donations ?

Include your friends & family in your efforts in order to maximize your donations, post on social media, send emails, work & church support, 

Our Club Members Receive

Free Travel Offers

  • How Do I get the Free Travel Gifts? Every 90 days we will take you on a new expedition.

  • And guess what ? Every expedition you complete gives you another chance to win a free travel gift.

  • What will the expeditions consist of?

       We can't give you a heads up on the expedition challenges, because that just wouldn't be fair to the         participants. What we can say is that we try to make it fun & exciting. Trust us when we say exciting,         because the travel gifts included are simply amazing.

  • What kind of free travel gifts will you get? Along with a description of the expedition, there will also be a detailed description of the travel gift.

  • Travel gifts include "FREE" Airfares, Hotels, Cruises, & Resorts.


You will be given (8) months to use your free travel gift. You will only be responsible to pay your travel booking fees & taxes.

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